Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2, 2010 - #8 Tommy vs #1 Kas RECAP

Kas, the overall #1 seed in the IRSS Challenge, advanced to the second round after defeating #8 Tommy.  Kas completed his talk in an astonishing 43 minutes, a full 23 minutes over the time limit.  The presentation opened with a 9-minute stand-up comedy routine and then wrapped with a rant that berated his competitor, fellow teammates, audience members and even one of the three IRSS judges deciding the outcome of the match-up.  Some suggested that Kas was simply grandstanding after an archaic rule had been tripped, allowing a competitor to avoid disqualification should both members finish beyond the time limit.  Tommy, who was vying for the first victory by an 8 seed in IRSS history, finished in 22 minutes.  Kas won via unanimous decision, pulling even the judge he insulted just moments earlier.  In typical Dr. X fashion, Kas, celebrated his victory by holding his crossed arms above his head, taunting his vanquished opponent. 

According to the official IRSS rule-book, should both competitors pass the time limit, the match is judged normally, disregarding the violation.  The IRSS Rules Commission has already approved a change to the scoring for the 2014 IRSS Challenge that will incrementally penalize points for each minute beyond the time-limit from the offender's scores.