Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2, 2010 - #8 Tommy vs #1 Kas RECAP

Kas, the overall #1 seed in the IRSS Challenge, advanced to the second round after defeating #8 Tommy.  Kas completed his talk in an astonishing 43 minutes, a full 23 minutes over the time limit.  The presentation opened with a 9-minute stand-up comedy routine and then wrapped with a rant that berated his competitor, fellow teammates, audience members and even one of the three IRSS judges deciding the outcome of the match-up.  Some suggested that Kas was simply grandstanding after an archaic rule had been tripped, allowing a competitor to avoid disqualification should both members finish beyond the time limit.  Tommy, who was vying for the first victory by an 8 seed in IRSS history, finished in 22 minutes.  Kas won via unanimous decision, pulling even the judge he insulted just moments earlier.  In typical Dr. X fashion, Kas, celebrated his victory by holding his crossed arms above his head, taunting his vanquished opponent. 

According to the official IRSS rule-book, should both competitors pass the time limit, the match is judged normally, disregarding the violation.  The IRSS Rules Commission has already approved a change to the scoring for the 2014 IRSS Challenge that will incrementally penalize points for each minute beyond the time-limit from the offender's scores.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 26, 2010 - #2 Ryan E vs #7 Margaret RECAP

The 2010-11 IRSS Challenge kicked off with an uneventful match.  #2 Ryan E defeated #7 Margaret by unanimous decision to advance to the second round of The Levee division of the IRSS Challenge today.  He will face the winner of the match-up between #3 Christa and #6 John.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

IRSS Regional Breakdown - Coke Zero Division

The Coke Zero Division of the 2010-11 IRSS Challenge has the most potential for upsets.  The committee made some strange pairings, like the #6 Lora vs #3 DJ match-up.  DJ, known for his complex experimentation, but brash delivery, has never been a favorite with the judges.  Lora, making her fourth IRSS Challenge appearance, was furious at the seeding and if she manages to convert that wrath into success, look for her to run deep into this division.  Also, newcomer, but #1 seed Silvia will be facing the competitor with an astonishing 13 IRSS Challenge appearances, #8 Anand, who will attempt to become the first eight seed to advance in the tournament.  Interestingly, there is the potential for a second round competition between current teammates, #2 Jouliana and #6 Lora.  Shenanigans are expected, should that match-up occur.  SVInsider prediction - the Coke Zero division will be upset city, featuring #6 Lora defeating #1 Silvia to head to the Final Four.

Monday, October 4, 2010

IRSS Regional Breakdown - Planet Sub Division

The Planet Sub division of the IRSS Challenge has arguably the weakest competition.  The #1 seed, Andrew, is making his first appearance despite being eligible for four years now.  How he ended up with the #1 seed is somewhat questionable.  Some say he may have influenced the committee, although some also say he was not even born in this country.  Expect an epic and fireworks filled first round match-up between the also surprisingly highly-seeded and informatics heavy (a topic not widely appreciated historically in IRSS tournaments), #2 Scott, versus the first graduate of a Clown University, #7 Grileasy.  SVInsider prediction - Going against the seeding committee, SVIinsider has #7 Grileasy and #6 Mike advancing to the sweet sixteen, but #1 Andrew squeaking by #6 Mike into the tournament Final Four.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

IRSS Regional Breakdown - Levee Division

The Levee Division of the IRSS Challenge features some of the current favorites and the future stars of the IRSS.  #4 Surbhi, #5 Bier$mith$mash and #6 John are all newcomers, but likely to be seen in the IRSS Challenge for years to come.  Unfortunately for them, the IRSS commission has placed them in the same bracket with overall #1 seed and traditional powerhouse, Kas.  Kas brashly walked through the 2009-10 IRSS Challenge, destroying every opponent placed in his path.  The first-round match-up of #4 Surbhi vs #5 Bier$mith$mash could be explosive, but is likely to only be fighting for the right to get destroyed by Kas in round two.  The most interesting pairing could be where #3 Christa shows her future current lab-mate, #6 John, how things are done in the tournament.  SVInsider prediction - expect to see #1 Kas face #3 Christa in the Elite Eight, with Kas advancing to the Final Four.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

IRSS Regional Breakdown - Gates Division

The Gates Division is the most straight-forward group in the pool this season.  This is the one time that the selection committee got the seedings right and the outcomes should follow accordingly.  The spotlight match-up is clearly the 4/5 seed, round-one matchup.  Cruel Rahul, as he his known in his home country of Dobbenstonia for his alleged war crimes, takes on Viplendra from the rival homeland Idnurmistan.  Dobbenstonia and Idurmistan have a long and tragic history of unpleasantness that will take a back-burner while the world watches for the outcome of this highly charged match-up.  SVInsider prediction - #1 Deepali will face #2 Brandon in the Elite 8, with Brandon heading to the Final Four.