Tuesday, October 5, 2010

IRSS Regional Breakdown - Coke Zero Division

The Coke Zero Division of the 2010-11 IRSS Challenge has the most potential for upsets.  The committee made some strange pairings, like the #6 Lora vs #3 DJ match-up.  DJ, known for his complex experimentation, but brash delivery, has never been a favorite with the judges.  Lora, making her fourth IRSS Challenge appearance, was furious at the seeding and if she manages to convert that wrath into success, look for her to run deep into this division.  Also, newcomer, but #1 seed Silvia will be facing the competitor with an astonishing 13 IRSS Challenge appearances, #8 Anand, who will attempt to become the first eight seed to advance in the tournament.  Interestingly, there is the potential for a second round competition between current teammates, #2 Jouliana and #6 Lora.  Shenanigans are expected, should that match-up occur.  SVInsider prediction - the Coke Zero division will be upset city, featuring #6 Lora defeating #1 Silvia to head to the Final Four.

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