Saturday, October 2, 2010

IRSS Regional Breakdown - Gates Division

The Gates Division is the most straight-forward group in the pool this season.  This is the one time that the selection committee got the seedings right and the outcomes should follow accordingly.  The spotlight match-up is clearly the 4/5 seed, round-one matchup.  Cruel Rahul, as he his known in his home country of Dobbenstonia for his alleged war crimes, takes on Viplendra from the rival homeland Idnurmistan.  Dobbenstonia and Idurmistan have a long and tragic history of unpleasantness that will take a back-burner while the world watches for the outcome of this highly charged match-up.  SVInsider prediction - #1 Deepali will face #2 Brandon in the Elite 8, with Brandon heading to the Final Four.

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