Monday, October 4, 2010

IRSS Regional Breakdown - Planet Sub Division

The Planet Sub division of the IRSS Challenge has arguably the weakest competition.  The #1 seed, Andrew, is making his first appearance despite being eligible for four years now.  How he ended up with the #1 seed is somewhat questionable.  Some say he may have influenced the committee, although some also say he was not even born in this country.  Expect an epic and fireworks filled first round match-up between the also surprisingly highly-seeded and informatics heavy (a topic not widely appreciated historically in IRSS tournaments), #2 Scott, versus the first graduate of a Clown University, #7 Grileasy.  SVInsider prediction - Going against the seeding committee, SVIinsider has #7 Grileasy and #6 Mike advancing to the sweet sixteen, but #1 Andrew squeaking by #6 Mike into the tournament Final Four.

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