Sunday, October 3, 2010

IRSS Regional Breakdown - Levee Division

The Levee Division of the IRSS Challenge features some of the current favorites and the future stars of the IRSS.  #4 Surbhi, #5 Bier$mith$mash and #6 John are all newcomers, but likely to be seen in the IRSS Challenge for years to come.  Unfortunately for them, the IRSS commission has placed them in the same bracket with overall #1 seed and traditional powerhouse, Kas.  Kas brashly walked through the 2009-10 IRSS Challenge, destroying every opponent placed in his path.  The first-round match-up of #4 Surbhi vs #5 Bier$mith$mash could be explosive, but is likely to only be fighting for the right to get destroyed by Kas in round two.  The most interesting pairing could be where #3 Christa shows her future current lab-mate, #6 John, how things are done in the tournament.  SVInsider prediction - expect to see #1 Kas face #3 Christa in the Elite Eight, with Kas advancing to the Final Four.

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